First Impressions

In February I visited a popular beauty retailer for the first time. I was nervous and excited, even though I was daunted by this store since I knew of its existence.

I have never been quick to pick up makeup tricks or had internal creativity to do 5 or more eyeshadows, so this is where the intimidation came from.

My initial visit to the local store did not help. At first I was positive, yet interactions with employees left me feeling overwhelmed and belittled. It was a challenge to receive an appropriate response to questions regarding coupons.

Nonetheless, I am optimistic and decided I would give that store another opportunity. About 3 weeks later I did. The experience was okay, but could have been better. Later I revisited because I kind of knew where my product was, and it was equivalent to the second time.

Today I visited that store, and had the best experience. I received assistance from multiple employees and felt respected. I am so glad I chose to keep an open mind. Sometimes as customers we do not receive the best service. We need to keep in mind that employees are humans too. They could be having a bad day? Perhaps a customer was rude? Maybe they have anxiety or anger issues and have difficulty working when it gets busy?

Let’s give each other grace. 

Do you have a similar story?



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