Bare Neck

My husband and I were in the grocery store, and thoughts were racing through my mind. What is next on the list? Can we kill two birds with one stone? We need to hurry, his back hurts!

As my mind was racing, he abruptly surprised me…he said “You need a necklace”, as his finger glided across my upper chest. I was flattered that my husband desired to see me adorned. I didn’t want us to buy a necklace since I have them in abundance, casual and formal. So I said “We do not need to get me a necklace, I have many at home” (What was I thinking? I love jewelry!)

When I was single I prayed for a husband that would genuinely embrace my natural beauty (inner and outer), for him to crave to adorn me, out of love – is beautiful in itself. I think that small, short interaction between us was romantic, intimate and pure.

I knew he was telling me, I Love You. Men say those three precious words in different ways, so listen carefully because when he opens the doors for you, carries something for you, helps you or offers to do something he is saying…I Love You!


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