Working Retail

I’m in my late twenties and for the first time I worked Retail. Kinda. Sort of.

About seven years ago, I was employed in a formal wear store at the local mall. Due to a demeaning irrational manager I decided to quit after 3 months.

I don’t really think about that employment as my first retail experience since the store rarely had customers.

This past holiday season (2016) I was a seasonal hire at a retail department store, once more at the local mall. Now this I would consider to be a retail experience.

I didn’t realize how achy my feet would become from standing and walking. Or the level of horrible management (only one person in management was good). I quickly became a register pro. I never cleaned out a fitting room. Or had to help customers with coupons, points or department credit cards.

My medical background prepared me for rude customers. Nonetheless, there were things that I learned. I regained appreciation for all customer service employees. It was a reminder of how through out life my mother would tell us to pick up something we dropped, to hang clothing properly if we walked by it or in our fitting room, and to always be courteous to the employees. Even though I did these things in life it became more personal.

I did not know that most customer service employees feel unnoted and dislike their job, because all jobs I had were in the medical field which I loved. I learned how much work goes into retail, I regret underestimating how easy it would be.

I am grateful for the things I learned by stepping out of my comfort zone and working in retail. Thank you to all customer service employees!





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