Retail Customer

I was raised to always be respectful and courteous to others. Including employees. To treat the low paid workers and CEOs with the same consideration.

Not everyone was brought up with the level of morality that I was. Nonetheless, I feel that being respectful is natural like breathing.

Christmas is right around the corner. In this season of giving, give gratitude to all retail employees. They have to work just like you.

I have always believed that retail workers are not appreciated for the labor they do. At this time of the year retail stores are at their busiest. Why not give them acknowledgement?

I know some people believe that low-paid workers deserve to be mistreated by customers, “because they didn’t go to college.” I don’t think so! That is just an excuse to justify an individuals decision to be rude. I know that we all have bad days. Please don’t take it out on the innocent.  We do not know the story of retail workers, so let’s not judge them.

There can be more to their life than you think. Perhaps they were attending college, and dropped out to take care of a critically ill loved one? Maybe they are military personnel that are trying to integrate into civilian life? Or a shy person that got the job to help them become more sociable? 

In this season of merriment, let’s be merry together!


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